Not everyone wants to hear

It is very nice that in this awful weather, people can still enjoy themselves at the recent Live and Kicking music festival. This, I assume, is where the football field is. I live along Melford Road and could hear everything that was going on at this place. I am hard of hearing and if my hearing had been good, I could have heard every word that was said when someone was talking through the loud speaker. As it was, I blessed the weather and was able to shut my doors and windows from the noise. If Saturday and Sunday had been beautiful sunny days, I would not have been able to enjoy the peace and quiet of my garden. Why does everything have to be so loud? Why do these organisers have no thought for others who do not share their taste in music? I wouldn’t dream of having my music so loud that it annoyed my neighbours. Please, if this is to happen again next year, could something be done about it. I am sure I cannot be the only one to have found this quite distressing.

B R Bristow-Jones

Melford Road