My only hope is that coup fails

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I HAVE been a governor of Glemsford School for over three years, having spent 39 years in education and 15 years as a headteacher.

Before joining the governing body at Glemsford School I have been a governor of four other schools and I have been vice-chair for two years.

I am horrified at the attitude and actions of the county council. The last full Ofsted report writes: “The headteacher is highly regarded by all parties - governors, parents, staff and pupils - and this satisfaction reflects her considerable efforts over the years to establish an inclusive school at the centre of the village.”

Under Leadership and Management the report writes: “The effectiveness of the governing body in challenging and supporting the school so that weaknesses are tackled decisively and statutory responsibilities met is given a grade 2 - good”.

It seems from other evidence that the school was misled by a cunning plan involving “free computers” which left the staff in the current position. I hope that the governing body, who are volunteers and who know the school intimately and care about its community and ethos, will remain and the current “coup” will be unsuccessful.

I am also a little concerned as I have heard that officials who have handled the current situation will now flee into retirement.

It really makes me lose my faith in human nature!


The Limes

Long Melford