Most of us saw this coming

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I write in response to recent articles in the Free Press in relation to car parking in Sudbury.

We have only lived in the area for 12 years and in that time we have seen Babergh District Council bring in car parking charges, totally against the wishes of people living and working in the town. They were warned time and time again what the result of this very short-term policy would be and now it is there for all to see.

People very much resent having to pay to park and the main car park, which used to be full, is now mostly half empty, yet they still persist, not willing to acknowledge the failure of that decision. There is now talk of “Permit Parking” and other random schemes which will all have a cost, not taking into account the matter of enforcement.

How soon before the cost of that outweighs the income from those charges? I can already hear some “numpty” in the council saying, “I know – we will increase the charges”, making the problem even worse. I wonder if the light will ever dawn and the charges will be rescinded. Do not tell me that the council cannot make savings elsewhere. It is only recently that councillors were paid at all. It seems to me that it is a well-paid career path at the expense of taxpayers, instead of a willingness to do good for the benefit of the community as a whole.

G R Pulham

Pot Kiln Road

Great Cornard