Money well spent?

IN last week’s Free Press Jack Owen, in defence of the spending of £60,000 on the so-called crossing, said he could have spent the money on a 100 different things.

Firstly, it wasn’t your money to throw away, but you are right, Jack, when you say the money could have been spent on a 100 different things and each one of these would have been better than the one it was spent on.

As far as slowing the traffic down in that area, there was no need. Because of the road layout going into King Street traffic never picks up much speed and the speed bump is no more than a ramp from which there is no need to slow down.

You say that a lot of people cross the road in that area and so they do in a lot of places in the town centre. So are going to put a crossing in on all the places where people cross the road?

Furthermore, the traffic island that was already there was sufficient for the purpose. All that has been done is to extend it some 20 metres down the road. A total waste of our money.