Money could fix village road

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

We live in Phillips Field Road, an unadopted through road from Head Lane to Radiator Road which everybody has the right to use.

We attended a parish council meeting late last year to request that, when final planning approval is granted for 110 houses (already agreed as outline planning) to be built on the former Guilford Kapwood site, the council would set aside a sum from the section 106 agreement to help residents bring Phillips Field Road up to a respectable level of repair.

We also spoke to Suffolk County Council about the road and were told it could do nothing, although it did confirm that it owned the footpath along the road which was kept in “good repair”.

On commenting that the path is unwalkable and that nothing had been done for many years, the council representative seemed surprised and promised to “put this forward to the highways department to look into with a site inspection”.

To date, we are not aware that this has happened as we did ask to be included in the site inspection.

We then commented that the present outline planning permission for the new houses included a “footpath and cycle way through Phillips Field Road” and that, at this present time, walking along the road was difficult enough, let alone cycling.

If the prospective builders outline this in the build, surely they can be asked to donate funds for the purpose of pedestrians and cyclists?

Since the new year, Babergh District Council bin collectors have refused to collect residents’ bins, claiming that the road is too dangerous for the collectors and may damage the lorry.

In order that all the black and blue bins were emptied, a smaller high-sided lorry was commissioned to empty all bins.

This was done by the bins being manually lifted on to the tail board and tipped into the vehicle. Is this health and safety gone mad?

Too dangerous for somebody to pull a wheelie bin but not dangerous enough for someone to lift it?

Residents were then issued with plastic bags which must be put in a large refuse bin at the factory end of the road.

Several of the residents are pensioners, ourselves included.

Must we have to live like this, carrying bags to a point avoiding an overflow of bags all around the bin? We are all ratepayers for, it seems, little return.

We do understand that section 106 money must be used for specified projects but we are surprised to read in last week’s Free Press that Great Cornard Parish Council is still sitting on more than £70,000 in unallocated funds.

Cynthia Hume

Phillips Field Road

Great Cornard