Molly is not the first cat to be killed

LAST week my beautiful 12-year-old cat Molly was knocked over and killed in Beech Road, Great Cornard.

We had grown up together, she was always there to greet me when I got home from primary, middle and upper schools and then when I started work.

She would wake me every morning, she was a very vocal cat and loud with it, you could hear her coming from a mile off. She has left a big hole in my life, I miss her so much.

She is sadly not the first cat to be run over in Beech Road, which is narrow with cars parked down one side so if a cat, dog or child for that matter were to run out from between the cars drivers have nowhere to go.

I do not think for one moment that someone set out to run Molly over but cars do speed down my road and had that driver been going a little slower Molly could still be with me today.

Drivers please, please slow down and think of animals and children.

I would like to thank the lady that picked Molly up and took the trouble to find out who she belonged to, and returned her to us, it was very kind of her.

The speed limit is 30 but that’s too fast on roads like Beech Road and many others around Great Cornard.

Please, please slow down and give animals and children a chance.


Beech Road,

Great Cornard