Meeting gave little cheer

Try as I might to bring it to mind, I am still uncertain as to the name of the new NHS facility for community services within Sudbury and the whole of Suffolk.

A poor presentation, as agreed by the management team, gave little encouragement to the public who attended Sudbury Town Hall at the end of April to listen to the local management team now working under the private company Serco.

The team was meeting the public six months after Serco had taken over the service, but it was a very poorly advertised meeting which would not have come to my notice save for the church community at St Gregory’s Church, Sudbury.

Points of concern raised by the public included the confidentiality of NHS documents; transport worries with the very rural nature of the area; the withdrawal of specialist services; and the inevitable Serco “wants” rather than the community “need” for local services.

I have one overwhelming concern which is, although the local management team comes from a medically trained (NHS) background, what will happen in the future when this tranche of management leaves the organisation?

Who will then manage the local community services within Sudbury and indeed the whole of Suffolk? Will they know the needs of the community?

Margaret Maybury