Marion still in all our hearts

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

The church community in Boxford, and indeed all the five villages of the benefice, were devastated to learn of Marion Blower’s accident and felt that a coffee morning might be one small way of trying to do something practical.

A great many people came to support the event, a sign of how much Marion remains in people’s hearts and minds, and we raised £362.21 on March 15.

On a personal note, I was overwhelmed when I visited her briefly in West Suffolk Hospital, not long after the accident, by her strong spirit of determination and ability to smile, even when she was not able to make her voice heard.

Like many others, I have since been keenly following her progress through the pages of the Suffolk Free Press, and am delighted that Marion has the new wheelchair she needed and is therefore able to be more mobile.

I do hope that she will continue to make a steady recovery, without the setbacks which I understand have beset her over the past months.

My prayers and good wishes also for Marion’s return to Suffolk, when it becomes possible, and for a safe and smooth transition into her new home.

I do hope that when she is back in Sudbury, it would be possible for me to visit her, as I would very much like to do that.

With warmest wishes to Marion, her husband and all the family, and prayers for strength as they face these challenges together.

Rev Judith Sweetman

The Box River Benefice