Make up your own minds

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

So, Babergh District Council and the car park committee believe that I misinterpreted the figures on car parking and I should stop bothering them and let them get on with their good work.

Well, let’s look in the SFP to see what they have come up with: an “unwelcome” scheme that was branded “too confusing” by local councillors who immediately threw it out. Brilliant.

And the Chamber of Commerce’s Chris Storey says they are not interested in figures, only in what people are charged to park.

Well here is what you were charged: Babergh folk paid going on £250,000 to use the car parks last year. Around half of that was in the form of fines and half of the fines were levied for forgetting to take a ticket to park for free.

I am sorry but I still do not see any resolution in sight for what is a key issue here: fairness. And evidence of the unfairness is impossible to misinterpret.

For so long as I receive reports of elderly people being fined repeatedly for forgetting to take a ticket or some other unwitting misdemeanour, I will continue to make the case for a fairer parking system that takes account of the fact that such people are fallible and human. People need local government to put fairness ahead of management expediency and off-the-shelf solutions.

As to misinterpretation of figures, I offer you this: the original data and emails from the council prove otherwise. Simply email me or drop into the shop for a printed copy. I want you all to be able to make up your own minds.

David Holland

Curtain Craft