Losing pub would be foolhardy

I HAVE never heard such a ridiculous or abhorrent suggestion as the one regarding the application to demolish the Highbury Barn in Canhams Road.

I and my family have been using the pub for nearly 40 years, giving us many hours of happiness with my wife, children and now my grandchildren.

It would be cruel, devastating, to be so heartless if this application is allowed through.

The Highbury Barn has been in existence since 1861. That is 151 years.

It has served our village and community giving a wonderful community spirit to everyone who lives around here.

We have lost the Queen’s Arms in Broom Street and that is where it must stop.

Over the last year the Highbury Barn has deliberately been run down, like closing down the restaurant and getting rid of the children’s play equipment, I think with a view to improving the chances of having the application for demolition accepted.

The reason is obvious - the land will be worth more as a cleared site for redevelopment.

Worst of all it has not been indicated what will happen to the site after it has been cleared. The fact is it may encourage undesirables on to the cleared site.

If the council allows this demolition to go forward without any idea of what is going to take its place it will be a foolhardy thing to do.

After all is said and done the pub has been, and still can be, a valuable asset to the area, and for this reason I strongly object to the demolition of the Highbury Barn.


Canhams Road

Great Cornard