Long Melford councillor’s behaviour was not acceptable

AS I was chairman of Long Melford Parish Council when the incidents involving councillor Michette occurred, I would like to make the following points.

1. The list of complaints made by Mr. Michette covered almost ten years. I had only been chairman for two and these could have been addressed by previous councils if necessary.

2. All actions I took with regard to Mr Michette’s complaints were carried out on the clear guidance of Suffolk Association of Local Councils. I acted clearly in accordance with the law and general regulations. When I was reported to the Standards Board twice by both Mr and Mrs Michette, all complaints against me were totally rejected.

3. Ten out of thirteen councillors voted to reject the complaints of Mr Michette. (The other three were ineligible to vote), so I as chair had considerable support from councillors.

4. I have spent 40 years in professional life as a teacher and headteacher and have been involved with a large number of committees and Mr Michette’s rude and bullying behaviour is not acceptable in any circumstances. This was indeed the judgement of the Standards Board in August 2012.

John Watts.

Parish Councillor

The Limes,

Long Melford.