Little thought went into ‘ridiculous’ trial

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HAVING read your article Ridiculous cutbacks create a ‘wilderness’ (Free Press, June 7) I feel I must add my feelings on this matter.

As a resident of Long Melford I was appalled to read in your article that Babergh District Council had chosen our village to trial this scheme.

The village of Long Melford is a well known tourist attraction loved for its long main street, its shops and its greens.

Now when you drive through it looks like a council that cannot be bothered to look after one of its gems!

Surely Babergh could have chosen a village that was not as prominent as Long Melford, why in fact did they not choose Hadleigh! At least then they would not have had to travel far to assess their wonderful scheme!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for conservation and helping nature in any way we can but I don’t think a lot of thought went into what they were planning to achieve.


Long Melford