Light at the end of the tunnel

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READING last week’s Free Press (May 10) report about the drop in trade in Sudbury reminded me of a song from my youth.

I think it was by The Specials. To paraphrase them: “This town is coming like a ghost town, all the shops are being closed down.”

We know why - there is not a lot to bring people in to Sudbury and some may say Sudbury is a small rural town and won’t get the investment. But has anyone looked at the industrial estates lately? If anyone has noticed, Sudbury and Cornard are getting bigger.

Not counting the western bypass, if it ever gets approved, there is little infrastructure in the town to cope with the increasing population, so people go elsewhere to shop. The spare cash they do have is spent in another town hence shops closing down unless they are fast food which seem to be on the increase. I notice there are two empty units ready for takeaway and restaurant.

Then there’s what I call ‘Welcome to Sudbury’, our bus station, which make you want to stay on the bus and go back home.

However, after looking at the Chilton Woods development site I had a look at Babergh District Council’s website where I found proposed plans for the redevelopment of the whole bus station area at this link address:

From what I saw it looks like a new bus station off Great Eastern Road with the much needed roundabout linking the train station, long-stay car parks and Station Road making it a lot easier to get out of those roads, also two large blocks of buildings, one for leisure use above retail and the walkway up to the town between Winch and Blatch being improved. You need to see for yourself because I’m not doing the plan justice.

Now I don’t know if it’s still going ahead but if this does there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope for the town’s shop owners the powers-that-be don’t drag their feet on this, because this plan looks promising.


Great Cornard