Letter writer has separate agenda

I WOULD like to reply to the letter regarding details of the Sudbury Tourist Information Centre and the library (Free Press, December 22).

I will only reply factually and not become embroiled in what I believe is a separate agenda by the writer regarding the Sudbury Museum/Heritage Centre.

Fact: A final decision on whether the TIC will be moved into the library has yet to be made.

Fact: The TIC and library staff were informed and are updated as matters progress.

Fact: Staff are grateful their jobs are secure.

Fact: Car parking for staff has yet to be discussed. If the proposed development goes ahead at the rear of the town hall it is unlikely there will be any parking places for the council.

Fact: It has never been suggested that staff in the TIC or library do not work efficiently.

Fact: Library staff already duplicate many TIC functions.

Fact: There are no qualified librarians at Sudbury Library. Suffolk County Council employs qualified librarians and their expertise is sought if required and this will continue.

Fact: All existing staff (including part-time) would be retained. All staff have contracts.

It is sad that the writer is trying to turn something which could be very positive into a negative situation; it is also disappointing that they are not confident enough to have their name and address printed so that I could have replied to them directly.

If anyone needs clarification on any points about the proposals for the library and the TIC please contact me.


Town Clerk

Council Offices

Town Hall