LETTER: Speed limit is not a target

With regard to the driving on the A134 (Free Press, April 18), Mr Scripps is wrong when he criticises people who don’t drive to the speed limit.

Just because there is a 30, 40 or 50mph limit does not mean you have to drive to that limit. It is the maximum speed allowed for that stretch of road, not the minimum. The individual driver chooses the speed at which he feels safe to drive within that limit.

The problem, in my eyes, is that drivers at 40mph in national speed limit areas are not making use of their mirrors and are not aware of the problems caused behind them.

They should pull off the road and let all the impatient drivers who have not allowed enough time for their journeys to speed by and hopefully get caught for speeding. Speed aware courses are very well attended.

David Abbott

Gaell Crescent