Let’s kickstart the fightback

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The debate goes on regarding Sudbury town centre’s future. The most obvious reasons for its decline have to be the ongoing financial squeeze on one and all plus the very high business rates suffered by retail outlets that can least afford to pay.

The model for the future therefore must be a refection of the past, and this was a Sudbury of varied, independently-owned shops all selling wares that people actually wanted to buy and at a price they could afford.

A Sudbury that had department stores like Alstons in North Street which was a treat to wander round in.

Remember Promenade Music on Market Hill?

Combined with Alstons record department the young and not-so-young could peruse the 45s and 33s (vinyl records to the under-40s) where the latest releases could be listened to in a booth before purchase.

I am referring to the Sudbury of the 1970s of course and not through pure nostalgia either but as a practical example of what a town like Sudbury should be like.

Furniture stores like Glasswells and Head and Woodward provided choice and a certain level of quality, electrical outlets too, right in the middle of town; how convenient is that?

The sight of my first employment location (Cakebread & Robey) as a piece of wasteland awaiting development is a real shame.

Here is a golden opportunity for something to be sited there to kickstart the fightback to a real town centre with a sense of purpose.

Carl Strohm

Church Walk

Long Melford