Land use is for all to decide

In last week’s In My View, Elliot Pinkham seems to think his tunnel vision is more valid than someone who expresses an opinion about the appropriateness of industrial developments in the countryside.

We as a society have to decide what development happens where and that determination is a product of policy and discussion. It’s part of our democracy.

Some landscape produces more of its socio-economic output due to its natural beauty, others through industrial exploitation.

Deciding the right way to use land is a matter for us all and we all have a right to an opinion.

I personally feel there is no good argument against the proposed solar farm near Pentlow but that does not mean that I or any of us have a right to argue that those who do not agree should be silent.

If it is true that the Suffolk villages named have a high number of people whose values and opinion Elliot despises, then perhaps he is working in the wrong area of the country.

If he is opposed to free speech, then perhaps he is in the wrong industry also.

Elliot – don’t worry that our failure to fully embrace green energy will lead, as you state, to our deaths: the Chinese, with their vast coal-fired power station building programme, will ensure that.

David Holland

King Street