It’s not all bad news

I AM writing this letter as I am disappointed and frustrated at negative comments about our town.

It is not doom and gloom. Sudbury is a wonderful and unique place to live, work and visit.

I accept we have problems to deal with but the town councillors, officers and various voluntary community groups are working hard to come up with innovative and realistic solutions to make sure that Sudbury remains a vibrant town.

Only the other day a gentleman asked me for directions and we got talking about Sudbury. This gentleman lives in Surrey, has spent a few days in Norwich and he was spending a few more days in Sudbury because he had heard that it was a lovely place to visit.

Can I suggest that those people who are interested in our town come to the various committee meetings and full council and hear of all the good work that is being done.


Sudbury Town councillor

Waldingfield Road