It only cares about profits

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I moved to Sudbury in 1969 when Walnuttree was a hospital for the care of the elderly and St Leonard’s was the local maternity hospital.

West Suffolk Hospital was in the town and using Nissen huts for patients.

We were promised a new hospital on the land called People’s Park. That never happened. Now we read in the Free Press that there is a fight on to preserve the land for the people instead of houses.

We all know what has happened to Walnuttree and St Leonard’s. The new hospital was never built and the promised new health centre has been delayed yet further.

The medical services in west Suffolk are woefully inadequate for the amount of expansion that has taken place. I recently required an MRI heart scan and had to travel to Papworth Hospital.

To read that Serco is going to be responsible for managing health care services in our area is frightening.

I have had the misfortune to deal with it while living in the north east of England and, yes folks, all it cares about is profits, not service.

Health care and profits should never be uttered in the same breath.

I also read, with horror, that patients that require rehabilitation at Hazell Court will be discharged after five days. If you need rehabilitation, there shouldn’t be a time placed on how long this takes – it should be patient-need led.

A consultation with the electorate should be a priority.

I have recently moved back to Sudbury from the north east and we could learn a lot from the “deprived” north.

Their medical services are excellent, unlike here in the “rich” south.

Pauline Horsley

Nonsuch Meadow