Is this history or another dream

REFERENCE your item from 25 years ago in the Free Press regarding our new hospital (Your History, July 5).

The land has been purchased ... architects working on plans ... work to start in a couple of years ... Babergh in discussions with health authority on what to do with Walnuttree and St Leonard’s sites.

Wait a minute, is this history or have I been dreaming, as I seem to have read something very similar to this in your paper over the last few months, the only difference being the site has now moved to the top of the hill and we have lost 144 beds and a minor casualty department.

Now that’s what I call progress.

Let’s just hope that if your history page is still running in 25 years and the story has moved up to 50 years ago that we are still not waiting, because by then it will just be a first aid tent somewhere out near Stowmarket.


Chaucer Road