Is this a case of double standards?

REGARDING your front page story on the Sainsbury’s store in Cornard Road (Free Press, December 1), I was particularly taken with councillor John Sayers’ comments on the traffic congestion it would cause.

I attended a council meeting when the change of use of the premises in the mouth of Landsdown Road was put before the council from a retail to fast food outlet.

Residents from Landsdown Road who were at that meeting emphasised to councillors the effect increased traffic would have on the Waldingfield Road and Landsdown Road junction.

However, Mr Sayers said this reason was no concern of the council to not approve this change from retail to fast food.

So when I read in your newspaper he is against the Sainsbury’s store, due to traffic congestion in Cornard Road is this a case of “not in my back yard”, Mr Sayers, but it’s perfectly acceptable in others!


Landsdown Road