Is outrage really necessary?

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COUNCILLOR Sue Ayres’ letter last week regarding the ruling on prayers at council meetings seemed littered with errors and exaggerations, and worryingly read more like a Daily Mail editorial than the views of an informed council official.

To me the judgement in the High Court is not “making it illegal” as she states; it has merely brought to light the fact that since the Local Government Act 1972 there has been 40 years of unchecked law breaking by the religious cliques within our councils.

She goes on to express outrage (that de rigueur feeling of the letters page) at those she feels dictate to her as a Christian councillor.

As I see it, essentially the judge advised that Christian councillors should turn up at work five minutes early for a quick prayer and to make sure that it’s not part of the official agenda.

If anything it will save on some paperwork!

Cardiff council seems to have painlessly made the minor change, and Mrs Ayres’ letter implies that Sudbury’s mayor is already doing exactly this.

So why the outrage and where’s the dictatorship?

“Am I still allowed to wear a cross?” Yes.

To even ask that question implies she has completely misunderstood the whole reasoning behind the National Secular Society’s action. I would point out I am not a member of the NSS.

She then references the communist requirement that all religion be abolished and purports a link between this and the upset God botherers in north Devon.

At best that link seems tenuous, at worst an insult to those that suffered under that particular aspect of communism.

The Devon councillors won’t have to fear torture or prison now that they have to reschedule their worship. Instead they’ll have more time to debate flowerbed budgets and litter picking volunteering: things they were elected to discuss.

She signs off with concern about the constant erosion of our country. I would have thought that with Sudbury being 20 miles from the coast she’d long be elected out of the council before she has to worry about any sea water flowing up North Street. Or does she know something she’s not telling those of us outside her prayer meetings? Should I get my ark out of the shed?

SAM PETTY Queens Road