Investigation has to run its course

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AS outsiders, we are not in a position to pass judgements in any way as we can only base our facts on what we read in papers and what other people choose to tell us.

The police and the education officers at Suffolk County Council, however, are in a much better position to make investigations and use their knowledge and expertise to piece together a complete picture of the situation (Our lives are in a state of turmoil, April 5). They may take time but they must be allowed to do their job.

The governors were dismissed but they should not take this personally, as I am sure they do a worthy job. Understandably, they are intertwined with the politics of the school and what is needed at this present time is a totally objective, impartial team to oversee the running of the school. In time I am sure they will have the chance to be re-elected if they and the public so wish.

As for the headteacher, she has her union to fight her corner and resolve any injustices that she feels.

We all just will have to be patient and the situation will be resolved with the children’s interests taking priority.