Independents can’t compete

Does anyone actually read the ill-advised drivel Elliot Pinkham writes before they print it (In My View, November 8)?

To say that we can’t complain about closed shops is ridiculous. Of course people shop in certain large, unethical supermarkets, because they are cheap and everything is under one roof.

Many people simply can’t afford to use small retailers and don’t have the time or energy to drive around Sudbury three times looking for a parking space.

Personally, I don’t shop in the “T” place. I like good quality and value for money and excellent customer service - so I go elsewhere. Yes, Sainsbury’s is a good halfway house between cheap-and-nasty and fabulous-and-extravagant but many people would support smaller shops if they could a) get to them and b) afford them.

And why are independent retailers unable to compete on price?

Well the good folk at Kestrel bookshop among others have explained all this many times.

Rent and rates are astronomical and wholesale prices and contracts are stacked in favour of the big supermarkets.

Our local councillors could go some way towards restoring this situation by bringing down rates and encouraging small businesses rather than kowtowing to the giants and taking section 106 money and using it for ... what exactly?

Boarding up all our lovely old buildings, which used to be lively shops?

Perhaps they should just slap a huge RIP sign over Sudbury town centre, close the town hall and set up their offices in a corner of Sainsbury’s cafe.

Mrs K Wilkin

Melford Road