I stand by my 30-year record

IN response to the comments made by Tony Harman, independent parish councillor for Great Cornard (Letters, September 20), I would like to make the following clear.

Over the course of the last seven years I have spent approximately £70,000 on good causes and local organisations in Great Cornard.

All details are listed on the Suffolk County Council website which is updated monthly. It is open and transparent.

This year I contributed £2,000-plus towards Diamond Jubilee mugs for all the schoolchildren up to and including the middle school in Great Cornard in conjunction with St Andrew’s Church in the absence of any celebrations by the parish council.

As to the accusation of not responding to residents, people not only contact me by telephone or mail they knock on my door and also stop me in the street, they know they can always talk to me.

What makes independent councillors think that they are so much better than party political councillors?

I stand by my record over the past 30-plus years of service to the people of Great Cornard.


District and county councillor

Broom Street

Great Cornard