I felt column was harsh

I AM writing this letter of concern due to Elliot Pinkham’s immature response in regards to the travellers that have moved down Aubrey Drive, which is situated in front of my house (In My View, August 7).

I wonder how a community paper which has been a wonderful supporter of Sudbury for Sudbury people for many years, which I dearly support by purchasing every week, could hire two so different reporters - yourself and Neil Bracegirdle (who wrote the story on the travellers).

All you, I feel, have done is antagonised the local residents like myself with your lack of facts of what has happened in our area.

Within the first few hours of the travellers moving in on Aubrey Drive my children were playing in the park when my eldest daughter Ashleigh was pinned to the climbing frame and was kicked by two traveller children, who made her feel threatened in her own play area.

She came in in tears as she ran home with her brother and sister. I called the council to report the travellers that have moved in and also called the police to report that my daughter had been assaulted by the traveller children.

A police officer eventually visited my house and spoke to my wife and daughter saying all they can do is speak to the parents.

I move on from this, on to having had constant abuse from these children. I also witnessed children’s toys being stolen from them and bikes too.

We had a patrol officer who instead of dealing with our situation decided to play football with them, Do you see my anger yet, Mr Pinkham! But remember I am the taxpayer that pays that police officer’s wage or should I say help towards it.

I and many other people have witnessed cars tearing up the ground by hand brake turning.

I decided to go see the travellers myself which I was advised not to by the police but they came with me all the same.

I first of all offered my hand of friendship to them and shook their hands and told them why myself and the residents of this housing area are angry and hostile and their response was they were disgusted their children had acted in this way and this is the first time they have been told this. Since this chat with this traveller known to us as Pat their children have not caused us any more bother but it leads me to believe that as they were unaware of this then maybe the police officers had not spoken to them.

Although I commented on your Facebook page about the issues we had and also felt something needed to be done as we have not had any support from Suffolk County Council or police with regular patrols or even more to the point, reassurance, I do agree with you that threats of violence to families regardless of who they are is unacceptable and I applaud you in removing them from your Facebook page and reporting them to the police.

No information or correspondence from Suffolk County Council was offered to the residents apart from by Chilton Parish Council, which held a meeting.

The meeting was very helpful but I felt so sorry for the residents who could not sleep due to the constant generators running at night and the farmer having the travellers using his field as a toilet but advice and help was at hand from Chilton Parish Council whose response and help was more than what Suffolk County Council has offered us across the road where we have had constant hell for days.

Elliot’s rant was a little harsh with what we the residents have had to put up with. In the future he should make sure of all the facts before printing them in a much loved local paper.


The Hawthorns