I can’t see Spar selling chips ...

I WRITE in response to Mr Nash’s letter (Competition is healthy in village, January 19) as I was surprised to read his interpretation of events.

Whilst I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions it occurs to be that these opinions should be formed based on facts.

Let me address some of the issues raised.

He states that at least two shops are owned by Premier Stores – nothing could be further from the truth, both Hunts Hill Stores and Broadway Stores are privately owned and form part of a buying group.

I can categorically state that at no time have I approached Spar or indeed Spar approached me to invest in Hunts Hill Stores. Where this story comes from I do not know, perhaps a figment of imagination, certainly not from facts.

Your correspondent makes a statement in favour of his argument that the fish and chip shop did not have a petition. It is just a hunch but maybe Spar will not be selling takeaway fish and chips.

If you follow Mr Nash’s logic then the photographic studio, the public houses, the Chinese takeaway, the wool shop and the hairdressers did not have a petition either, perhaps it is because it does not affect their businesses.

Mr Nash seems to think that just because every town has a problem with teenagers hanging about it is alright for Glemsford to have this problem.

At this point I have to say that it has been my experience over 40 years in the village building a business from scratch that I have had no major problems with our young folk.

Finally, Glemsford is a village and the people of Glemsford wish it to remain so. How do I come to this conclusion? It is based on fact that about 700 villagers signed the petition.


Hunts Hill Stores

Hunts Hill