I applaud idea of buying land

REGARDING your article Council land grab would cost £250k (Free Press, July 26), as a homeowner whose house backs onto the 26 acres for sale I do have interest/concerns towards the outcome of the sale having lived here since the house was built some 28 years ago.

As you state, the land use has been arable and it is interesting to note that the vendor/agent is using the term “Development Potential” when in fact there is no potential as this land does not appear on any forward Babergh plans or any other.

This of course is probably a ploy by the vendor to increase the acreage price over and above the true arable land value which is more like £6,000 per acre.

I applaud the initiative by Great Cornard Parish Council to express a unanimous interest and as a resident I hope it is able to follow this through and purchase the land even though the price may be inflated.

If the land had any chance of getting planning permission for development in the next 10 years or so the vendor would know that and the price would be in the millions.


Davidson Close

Great Cornard