How could report be so dismissive?

IT’S a rare occasion where I feel compelled to write in to a newspaper, but having read Elliot Pinkham’s In My View column, that day has arrived.

I realise that with each point of view there is an opposing opinion and newspapers have to balance out each side of the story.

However, Elliot’s column regarding the traveller situation in Sudbury is probably the worst attempt at journalism I have ever witnessed.

How can someone such as Elliot be so dismissive of the plight of the homeowners where the travellers have camped?

The answer to this can be found if you read a bit further in his column - he’s just celebrated his 24th birthday!

The reporting, and views, of Elliot come over as very immature and bordering on childish.

How would you like these people to camp in your front garden on a house that you are working all the hours that god sends to pay the mortgage and running bills?

Or maybe you don’t have your own house, so maybe we should ask this question to your mother.

Here’s a good idea for you, why don’t you nip up there to see the travellers and give them your home address so they can come and stay with you instead? I think we all know what the reply would be.


Great Waldingfield