How about cuts to allowances?

AS a resident in the Babergh district, I do feel us residents are being punished for not supporting the Tory led proposal to merge with Mid-Suffolk District Council.

The people voted against the merger for a number of reasons including the desire to have local decisions made by local people, to keep lower council tax, retain key local services and of course because we did not want short stay parking fees.

The council seems adamant, however, to do what it wants regardless of what the people want.

It is time for this Tory led council to stand up and defend people’s needs and do what is best for the people, not the party.

We have seen our libraries and crossing patrols threatened and our Tory Babergh council did nothing to stand up to its county council Tory friends.

The people clearly voted against the merger and the people clearly do not want short stay parking fees as it would turn our town centre into a ghost town.

As for saving money, I wish to see the councillors take a lead.

The Tories are happy to see people lose their jobs or see their living standards squeezed so as we are all in this together, let’s see the councillors take a 10 per cent cut in their allowances; for I am sure they do it not for money but to help their community. If they are unwilling to take a cut I want to know why.


Cross Street