Housing would have been better

NOW all the hue and cry is possibly over, am I the only one wishing that our council had found in favour for the affordable housing against yet another store?

The building of a Sainbury’s in Sudbury will not add vast sums to its profits as we already have several supermarkets in our town and the surrounding area.

I am well aware that the possibility of some 300 extra jobs within the present climate of unemployment is very worthy, but where are the workers going to live?

We really need to have more housing in this area and affordable housing at that.

Where are our youngsters going to be able to purchase a home and climb onto the property ladder if our council favours a supermarket against really necessary housing?

Whilst putting pen to paper, I am saddened that John Sayers is keen to open another youth club in the town when knowing full well that Edens has and will, I believe, continue to need financial assistance to maintain its present services to the youth of our town. Saturate the market and all will go under!

I wonder if this will happen when all our supermarkets are open.


The Drift

Great Cornard