Hospital staff deserve praise

I SPENT a few days in the West Suffolk Hospital very recently as I have done on so many occasions before, do for all the critics out there that condemn this hospital I have to disagree.

I have only one word for it - fantastic.

I recently went for an eye clinic appointment and on arriving I suffered severe chest pains and was very disorientated that I ended up having to stay for a few days.

The news I got was not very pleasing and this is my reason for writing this letter.

Sixteen years have gone by since I had a quadruple heart bypass and I have had seven stents put in since then.

The West Suffolk Hospital and Papworth Hospital have both been my lifelines, with the help of my own GP, Dr S Jetha of Great Cornard surgery,

So now is my time to say a great big thankyou to all the staff everywhere, doctors, nurses, admin, paramedics, first responders and many more that work for the NHS.

I have no doubt that I will be treated wonderfully in the future in these very clean and pleasant places and by such dedicated people, so a big thankyou to everyone.

Shirley Soules

Kersey Avenue

Great Cornard