Hedges used as a toilet

WITH reference to the comments made by Elliot Pinkham (In my view, August 9).

I take great exception to his comments. I can only assume you do not live near by. I have walked my dog on this green for the last nine years and since the travellers have arrived they have been using the local hedges as a toilet. When they leave local kids will want to play in the area again. Who has to pay the costs of cleaning up the human waste?

I said to my wife the day they arrived if they only stay for a short while and do not cause any noise or mess then what’s the harm, but they do cause a lot of noise and I will be honest I did not expect them to use the hedges as toilets.

What’s wrong with the toilets in the caravans? Go and have a walk along the hedges on the edge of the footpath, then tell us that we should have to put up with that.

I do not condone the comments made on Facebook etc but I do not agree with you either.