Health centre is on track, actually

YOU report that the building of the new Sudbury health facility has been delayed until autumn 2013 (Free Press, March 15).

In fact, construction work will begin on this project in late summer/autumn this year, which is around four weeks later than was originally anticipated.

It is the selection of the preferred developer that has been delayed by four weeks.

What you seem to have done is to put two unrelated facts together to produce a third issue which does not exist.

NHS Suffolk is committed to making sure the development of this important new health facility goes ahead as it will mean local health care needs are best served for many years to come.

The new modern building will house services currently provided from Walnuttree and St Leonard’s hospitals, the health centre at Acton Lane and the Siam GP practice.

The new building is expected to be completed by early 2014 and operational shortly thereafter.


Head of Corporate Development and Infrastructure

NHS Suffolk