Have we learnt nothing at all

FURTHER to Robin Drury’s letter regarding the land adjacent to the rear of our town hall (Free Press, January 26).

We are in complete agreement that the sale of this site would be detrimental to the town and very short-sighted.

He correctly states that we now have the one opportunity to expand the town hall giving the office space not only badly required now but even more necessary when the town council takes over the management of the library.

There would also be space enough for the much needed expansion of our heritage centre and town museum adding to the benefit of locals and tourists alike.

This opportunity will never arise again.

To sell off this site for housing or commercial use would be a disaster for future generations who would wonder at the misplaced wisdom of today’s council.

We often shake our heads at the mistakes of the past that have blighted our town.

The planning process that gave us the architectural disasters of Sulby House, the Argos building, Borehamgate Precinct and many others. Have we learnt nothing from those poor decisions?

We now have this great chance to act with positive imagination, just as our ancestors who built our wonderful town hall, and achieve something that our grandchildren will view with civic pride.

This land must be retained for the benefit of the town, not sold off for short term gain.


Chairman Sudbury Society

North Street