Gunfire splinters Bulmer serenity

THE shooting season has started! Yippee! What fun!

The world is aloud with the sound of gunfire. All those jolly sportsmen, with red faces, green tweeds and green wellies, have returned just like cuckoos in spring.

And the pheasants and partridges, so used to being fed by human hand, are only too anxious to rush towards the guns and be blown into a cloud of feathers.

And the gamekeeper, so conscientious and zealous to preserve the local wildlife (I wonder what happened to the two buzzards that used to soar above the village in summer). He is so careful to observe and preserve Anglo-Saxon four letter words when gracing the occasional meeting - it so much reminds me of my Army days.

But do be careful when walking out with your dog that it is always very near at hand or it will get run down.

What fun village life is!


The Street