Glad to hear the other side

Having attended the recent priority setting meeting with local police and council representatives, I wanted to thank the many residents from the roads around the Kingfisher Leisure Centre who turned out to speak about the nuisance from the cars which gather each night in the car park.

I also want to say how much I appreciated the chance to hear the other side from the people who are among the group over there. They were keen to point out that they are themselves offended by the behaviour of the small minority who are causing the disturbances.

They also pointed out that there isn’t anywhere else in Sudbury for them to meet and socialise or have a kick about.

I concur fully with Jan Osborne that a long-term solution needs to be found for this problem which will appease both sides and not just shunt the problem to another area.

In the meantime, as I suggested at the meeting, perhaps the decent lads who simply want to socialise with their friends could avoid being tarred with the same brush by reporting the names and registrations of the minority who are behaving in such an anti-social manner.

Jill Garrett

Hyde Road