Give park back to people

Why do councillors become councillors?

Is it to do exactly as they want, or to do what the people want?

People’s Park was never to be built on – not even for a hospital. It is a shame the NHS was allowed to buy the land – it should sell it back for the same price it bought it.

I have spoken to a few people in the last few days, and these are their views.

Someone told me that until about 20 years ago, a farmer from Joe’s Road, Mr Steed, used to graze cattle on it – with a fence inside the hedge which went all the way round. Then the NHS built a building on it with garage doors. The cattle and fencing were removed and all the hedging, which was full of birds’ nests and eggs – another crime to nature.

The hospital build was cancelled, the building was vandalised and garage doors taken, the building finally demolished as the hospital plans were shelved.

Next – councillors and politicians are our servants, so why should people have to campaign and write letters for years when the councillors know what is right and what they should do?

Regarding Ballingdon Bridge, time was wasted by the council asking the public to come to choose their favourite design, knowing full well which design it had chosen.

And finally, an abandoned quarry, near Brundon, had sand martins nesting in it.

The council asked if it could tip rubbish in it, and was told about the birds and told only to half fill it, leaving the top rim for the birds.

You can guess what happened – it filled it completely over and above so it’s a mound now.

We must learn to live with nature.

Do the right thing and abandon the plans for houses and give it back to the people as was granted in a charter long ago.

Name and address supplied