Get a grip and try being grateful

I READ your article on “noisy cockerels” and thought it well balanced and helpful, but the attitudes of some people to the so-called nuisance are not.

Cockerels are by nature noisy, that’s what they do best as well as the other function of keeping their flock of hens happy and ensuring a steady flow of lovely nutritious fertilised eggs. No cockerels, no eggs, no more hens ...

Whereas it is never pleasant to be woken up before you are ready, a cockerel crowing in the countryside is a natural and quite comforting sound! A little bit of patience and perhaps the purchase of ear plugs might make all the difference!

Maybe those who complain and tell tales on their neighbours to the council should try to exercise some tolerance and understanding. Especially when they may have moved into a new area in housing adjacent to long established property where it has been normal to keep a few hens in the backyard. Just as well they are not being disturbed by a crying baby next door.

What will they find to complain of next? The dawn chorus, flocks of geese calling as they fly into the water meadows to feed? The smell of the next door barbecue? Church bells, carol singers? To say nothing of low flying helicopters at all hours!

Get a grip, let’s all be grateful for the lovely surroundings in which we live and try to practise mutual tolerance and respect towards each other instead of forever finding fault ...


Long Melford