Free parking must be retained

WHILE on holiday in Derbyshire recently, I visited Uttoxeter in neighbouring Staffordshire.

What a sad town centre greeted my companion and me! There is a large car park near the High Street but it is expensive.

The result of the costly parking can easily be seen in the town’s main shopping area. There are very few locally owned shops, hardly any national retailers and lots of charity shops. By their very nature, these latter are all much of a muchness. Thus why go shopping in Uttoxeter town centre?

My impression was that progressively fewer and fewer people are doing just that - parking was no problem at 11 am on a normal shopping day.

What conclusions can be drawn from my visit? Only that if Sudbury wants to retain an active, varied shopping centre, there should be no change from the present three-hour free parking regime and no more charity shops should be allowed to open.


The Chase