Festival not enjoyed from the sofa

I am writing because I love music and am not so narrow minded as to confine myself to one type – I think anyone who does so is depriving themselves of much potential pleasure.

But my first love is classical music and I tried to spend the weekend watching Cardiff’s singer of the year on TV. In my own house. With the windows closed.

However, my listening was marred by a very different, very loud music, almost non-stop over the weekend. So loud, in fact, that at first I thought it must be coming from the Northcroft Club. No. Maybe over on The Croft? No. A friend who lives along Melford Road said she thought it came from the football ground. If so, that is the other side of Sudbury.

I would fight for the right of everyone to listen to their music of preference but not to have it imposed, for a whole weekend, and so unnecessarily loud (are they deaf?) on the whole of the town.

So I am making a plea for perhaps next weekend. The organisers of the rock festival should obtain a recording of Jamie (the fantastic winner of the Cardiff competition) and play it at the same levels of decibels for the same number of hours.

Why not? Who could possibly object.

Gill Phillips

New Street