Extra costs of new crossing

IT would seem that it has now become a fait accompli, imbecility has prevailed, and the new crossing is to go ahead in King Street.

The cost, in money terms, seems to be budgeted between £40,000 and £60,000, but that does not really matter as it is only our hard earned money that pays for this, so a few thousand pounds is neither here or there.

However, the costs from the certain traffic gridlock and queuing are more serious. Those of us who have businesses in the town will lose trade, and exhaust pollution from both stationary and slow moving vehicles will be horrendous.

As I and others have suggested, the railed fence being extended a few yards towards the lighted crossing would simply solve the problem, but with this falling on deaf ears, I have come up with a ‘cunning plan’.

I suggest that the through traffic from Bury and Colchester to Halstead and the Hedinghams be diverted to Rodbridge, then through Borley to Bulmer and enter the main road near the Bulmer Fox.

I realise, of course, that the few inhabitants of these villages, who like peace and quiet, may be upset to have several hundred cars, lorries and buses thundering past every day but I am sure that they will be only too pleased to sacrifice those benefits for the sake of the town centre and us, poor devils, who have to go to and from Sudbury about our business several times every day.

As I have already re-christened ‘Cats Lane’ to ‘Rat Run Lane’, I invite readers to give a name to my suggested bypass !


Bures Road

Great Cornard