Ex-head deserves council apology

Teachers, rightly, are trained to teach, not to be business executives.

Now that a BBC Panorama programme has confirmed that Liz Steele, the former award-winning headteacher at Glemsford Primary School, along with the heads and governors of no fewer than 26 other schools across the country, was the victim of a sophisticated financial scam (Free Press, September 27), Suffolk County Council ought to apologise unreservedly to Mrs Steele for besmirching her reputation rather than hiding behind the weasel words that pursuing its investigation into her conduct was “not in the public interest” (Free Press, July 5).

The anonymous spokesman for the Council who continues to blame the governing body should have the courage to identify himself or herself. Further the council should now settle Mrs Steele’s employment tribunal claim rapidly: it should certainly not waste more council taxpayers’ money “robustly defending its position.”


Holbrook Barn Road, Boxford