Dozens ignored signs

There was traffic chaos in Sudbury this week. I saw four cars blatantly going around a road closure sign and against the flow of traffic in Friars Street.

If the one-way system was to be seven days – as indicated by the highway authority – it needed policing properly during the morning and evening rush hour. The above was not an exception – dozens of cars ignored the road closure signs.

The economic impact to the town caused by traffic jams, as a consequence of cars ignoring the one-way system, will cost retailers and the town far more than having a Psco or Pc stationed at the junction of Cross Street and Church Street during the morning and evening, managing traffic flow and preventing cars turning into Church Street against the one-way system.

A resident of School Lane, by sheer coincidence, arrived at the junction in question at around 6.30pm on Monday to find a patrol car manned by a Pc, who was not local to the area, having no idea where the traffic should be directed.

I appreciate that the contractors doing the work in Gainsborough Street appear not to have informed anyone.

That said, highways, the local council and local police should be better co-ordinated to manage the traffic flow and the impending chaos that it brings.

With Church Street due to shut for six weeks in August, I would suggest that each organisation plan ahead and co-ordinate actions far better than they have in respect of the current, temporary one-way system.

Patrick Crew

Friars Street