Don’t waste our money

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As a resident of Sudbury, I would like to make a few comments on how this town is being run.

Rather than wasting money on trying to encourage people to visit, wouldn’t it be better to do something to improve it for the people already living here?

After all, it is these people that will bring in visitors via family and friends.

For a start, it’s already nigh-on impossible to park on a Saturday, so why encourage more cars?

The bus station is a disgrace. Any visitor calling in the town on a bus certainly wouldn’t be inclined to dismount and explore.

Surely it would be better to put the lorry park at Chilton and you could use that space for a new BMX park.

As for Belle Vue, no we don’t want another white elephant. Encourage a hotel chain to develop it. That will bring people here and save the taxpayers a fortune.

The Citizens Advice Bureau could be in the town hall which is central for everyone, after all it is our citizens that use it.

As for traffic, we could make Friars Street one-way coming from the west, with a crossing for Quay Lane, and turning right into Station Road, with a crossing at Meadow Lane, with a speed hump in the centre of a one-way Cross Street going west.

The road coming past the library could be blocked off for disabled parking, it would also be easier to cross there.

And finally, we already have at least three wedding venues in the town hall, The Granary and The Mill Hotel, surely that’s plenty for the size of the town.

Val Bower

Quay Lane