Don’t despair, all is not lost yet

HAVING just read the article about the facelift to Sudbury’s Borehamgate shopping centre and the response of one shopkeeper about knocking it down I had to write in.

The 1960s brought a wave of American style shopping malls to this country. Unfortunately under Old Labour - or was it just Labour back then - not much care and quality was involved in building so within 10 to 15 years many were in a poor state and did indeed get bulldozed. Borehamgate must have been missed.

It’s probably too late to do what should have been done several decades ago. It would cost millions and I can’t see anyone, not even the district council, coming up with that sort of money.

I’m afraid to say a “tarting up” is all that is likely to happen but with the right people involved all is not lost.


Brixham Close