Don’t blame locals for pub problems

AFTER reading the article in relation to The White Horse In Great Waldingfield (You don’t deserve a pub, October 27) I feel compelled to put pen to paper and give my response.

As I publican I understand the pressures of the ever changing economic climate and the pressures involved in keeping a viable business.

However, the attitude of Mr and Mrs Smith is very upsetting. To blame the locals is wrong.

Locals will try and support their pub as much as they can and yes, of course it would be great if we could have the whole village drinking in our pub but that is just not going to happen.

I believe a lot of the blame lies with the brewery, in this case Greene King. They seem so desperate to lease their pubs in order to generate business for themselves that they do not hire the correct candidates.

A pub landlord/landlady should be community spirited and the pub should be the hub of the local community. Licensees should not alienate customers.

Greene King have a responsibility to ensure the correct candidates are placed in a suitable pub, not based on how much money they have and how desperate Greene King are to get rid of the lease. It should be down to character and personality.

Every day is a challenge in running a pub and you need to have the hunger and passion to come up with new ideas every day to try and entice all prospective customers and when that hunger and passion goes and you start resenting the village for your lack of imagination then it is time for you to hang up your glasses and find a different trade.

The White Horse in Waldingfield is a quaint and picturesque pub. As with any pub you will get choice language and a small clique (as mentioned in last week’s response) but if you set out a precedent as a good landlord/landlady you will gain respect from all of your clientele and therefore have the ability to talk to them to advise them that type of language is not acceptable.

Pubs do have their bread and butter and you cannot push customers away. If you are unable to gain that respect from your customers then I believe you are definitely in the wrong trade.

It will of course be very sad to see yet another pub close but unless Greene King change their hiring process and select the correct licensees then this will just be another statistic and many more villages will lose their village pub.

A Publican