Dogs aren’t the problem on buses

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WITH reference to your story about Sarah Titford and her lovely dog Jessie (Free Press, September 6).

So it’s ok for bus companies to allow the dregs of human society on their vehicles ... people who don’t seem to have had a bath in week, people who swear, drop litter, sneeze all over you, look at you as if they’ll kill you if you dare open the window?

I know I am not the only one who has had disgusting homosapiens as companions on bus journeys and it does put you off using public transport.

I can also see the point of the coach companies who don’t want to mop up dog sick and pee and people should know if their animal will be ok when travelling on public transport.

Having said that, I admire anyone who loves their animal as much as Sarah obviously does and her dedication to her dog in Jessie’s twilight years is wonderful to see.

I am not sure which days she plays tennis but if she would like to contact me via your office I will be more than happy to give them both a lift over to Boxford if I can.