Do the right thing or step down

I DO not understand councillor Peter Beer’s continuing obsessive behaviour regarding wanting to know the figure for the parish council manager’s salary (Free Press, September 13).

The manager is employed by Great Cornard Parish Council and the figure is confidential.

However, Mr Beer was elected by, and his £10,7172 per year allowance is paid by, the tax payers of Great Cornard.

There is a further £9,010 per year collected for him to distribute, responsibly, for the good of the parish. Surely the question should be: Exactly how responsibly has all our money - about £5 per year per household - been used? I don’t know the answer but perhaps someone will be good enough to send me the details and I will pass them on to other residents of Great Cornard who need this information.

I have no idea why he fails to respond or reply to so many requests from the residents, or the parish council, but it could be seen as disrespectful by the householders who are paying him.

Although some councillors seem to think that just because they say something that they would like to be true, this makes it true: it does not.

If any of your readers are still waiting for a reply, if they let me have the details I will add them to my file and I promise to try and pursue them on their behalf.

I know that some readers are surprised by the continued use of the word “controversial” when reference is made to this councillor. Some suggest that “discredited” or, following being found guilty of bullying by the Babergh Standards Board, perhaps “disgraced” would be a better label.

Honestly, and irrespective of what Peter Beer may have previously said to me or about me, this is just the matter of calling him to account and not a personal attack.

At the local election last year I stood, and was elected, as a totally independent candidate under my principles of being responsible, accountable and accessible. May I respectfully suggest that Peter Beer may wish to follow these principles.

Come on, Mr Beer, do the right thing and represent the residents of Great Cornard or step down and let someone else step up to the mark.


Great Cornard parish councillor

Kempson Drive

Great Cornard