Do not take us for mugs

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

It would seem that Peter Beer still has a problem with attending parish council meetings.

I hope my words will encourage him to attend as this would give him a golden opportunity to qualify and quantify how his work benefits Great Cornard.

From the two council websites, he received £20,153 for 2013/14 – a basic allowance of £10,172 plus £1,106 expenses as a county councillor and £8,875 as a district councillor.

Last year, he admitted that over the last seven years about £70,000 had been spent on “good causes” (a frequently used oxymoron) from his locality budget without really listing them. The only detail offered was that he contributed £2,423.50 towards jubilee mugs for schoolchildren.

To clarify, he did not contribute – he only relocated taxpayers’ money via his locality budget for the purchase. Mugs, are they a good cause? Some may ask: “Mugs, who are the mugs?”.

I believe that residents deserve a report from Mr Beer, and I am sure that the parish council would welcome a coherent account of his work and achievements for Great Cornard. Attending the meetings would allow clarification of any points.

In conclusion, the parish council managers’ salary is confidential, the parish council does “have its house in order” and Mr Beer is missing a golden opportunity to justify how he uses the £20,000 per annum expense to our community.

Tony Harman

Parish councillor

Great Cornard